WD My Cloud

Hi, I just ordered a 2TB My Cloud. I am pretty sure I can work it around in oS even though it will not have the bells and whistles of Win and Mac. So this is a new product where you have your own cloud instead of going with on online service.

My Cloud

I am wondering if I can use Filezilla with it?

This is special … how?

It looked interesting, so I went and read through the users manual. From what I could tell, you may need to use a win/mac machine to use their proprietary software to setup the device initially. It wasn’t clear whether it was the software that you used to configure it, or the web interface so you might have an issue there.

From there, it looks like it just serves up an smb share, so you should be able to mount it within your Linux system once you set it up and add users to it. It also serves up DLNA content, so you should be able to interface with a music client as well depending on which one you use.

As far as filezilla goes, I couldn’t find any reference at all to ftp/sftp/ssh support. So most likely just an smb share.

Instead of putting my files on the WWW I can store them in my own special HD, and access them from any device like you do with dropbox, but I have the files store in my office not on dropbox servers. Where do you want your files stored?

I can use my XP virtualbox if needed, and a web browser to work with files as well?

You are quite correct that I use dropbox, but only for stuff related to guides and help on the forums and there is obviously a hard copy on my server and all other dropbox connected devices.
I don’t and wouldn’t store any of my private/personal files in a cloud.
In any case. What you describe is a means of syncing your files between devices and your files may or may not be any safer?

1 I have the server, not the dropbox employees, it only takes one bad one to look at your data.
2 $145.00 one time for 2TB of storage vs

|Price|Free|$99 / user / year|$795 / year for 5 users
$125 / additional user / year|
|Storage|2 GB|100 GB|As much as needed|

3 Are you saying that WD My Cloud with 128 bit encryption can be easily compromised?
4 I use dropbox, and I do not put sensitive data on there either.

I agree that it’s a viable option for OS X and PC users but if you don’t use those OS’s I can’t see it being much better than a big HD

Reviews are quite +
Though most suggest it still needs to be backed up regardless of it’s restore feature. Some suggest a cloud option would be good (lol).

If I did not have an Android, and a Notebook, then the big hard drive would be fine. Just another way to be portable.

Actually, I am getting a free 3TB one from my Citibank rewards, so online storage can never touch that. :wink:

I looked at this a bit back when I got mt WD drive and decided to pass on it. As I understood the operation, you set up an account on the remote WD server that you can access from anywhere. Then your local WD drive establishes a connection to the remote WD server so that the server can access the drive past your firewall/NAT protection. Worst of both worlds, your data is still sitting at home where it can be lost with the rest of your gear and it has an open connection to the WD server which is only as secure as the WD server.

Given all of that I might put my music and movie collection on it and enable the WD server access but not my personal information.

Also the ad blurb that mentions the WD drive supporting NFS locally is misleading, it supports only a single user and has other glitches making the WD a poor choice for NFS use.

So I got it, at first I thought, maybe not such a great device.

Later I found it to be very compatible with Linux, for one it has a Linux OS installed on it, if I set it to SSH access, it does not look much different then go to my pc and looking at root from Dolphin.

I plugged in my external HD that is formatted in ext3 and it happily backed up to it with no complaint of the format.

So the windoze and mac part of it are nothing more then a couple of software apps, they rest of the device is a true Linux machine.

It only goes to their server on relay mode, if you have ports open it goes direct. As far as NFS goes, it is a Linux box.

Yes it is Linux so you could download the sources, make the changes needed, recompile and reload the firmware to get a full version of NFS to run on the MyBook but that is a lot of effort.

Here is the WD FAQ entry for NFS: Private Shares on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo are not accessible via NFS