Wayland on KDE: Open link from Thunderbird does not bring Firefox in foreground

I am currently testing Wayland on Tumbleweed with KDE. One topic I noticed is that, when I open a link from Thunderbird, it opens the link, but does not bring Firefox in the foreground. Any idea how to change this behaviour?
On X11 this works as I am expecting.

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I have the same problem.

For X11 I had/have a script to raise a particular Window with a given name but what I understand is that for Wayland this is no longer something Wayland should do but the compositor, i.e KWin (KDE) / Mutter (Gnome).

In this chromium bug I read the browser has to request the compositor to activate the window. I guess the same is true for Firefox.

The problem might also have to do with KDE/Qt.

I have a python script that plots a graph using matplotlib.pyplot and with Wayland that outputs:

qt.qpa.wayland: Wayland does not support QWindow::requestActivate()

That is a β€œnice” error in a sense that it can be put nicely into a search engine and give useful information, it seems to me it is still work in progress:

I am experiencing the same issue, and have opened a bug report: 1215852 – KDE Wayland: Links are opened in the browser but not launched. Feel free to join. Thx.

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