Wayland Color Management 15.4

Hi all.

I’ve installed Leap 15.4 due to the Wayland support on my **** 1060 NVIDIA card and this gives me a really, really, much better performance than X11 with 3D especially.

BUT, I need to use the proper ICC profile to get the right color tone and etc in photos, textures, painting and so on.

But, when I try to set the ICC Profile through Display CAL (flatpak version) under Wayland I got an error message:

We don't have access to the VideoLUT for clearing

This is not a big deal, considering that I have access to the ICC file and I can install it manually through Gnome Color in the preferences.

When I try the same under X11, Display CAL supposedly set the ICC profile properly (but it doesn’t) and all the colors changes to what they need to be until I reboot or logoof.

But it’s possible to install manually loading the ICC profile under the color manager, one step more than necessary, but it works, BUT as I’ve said, X11 have a pretty poor performance.

So, is there a way to set the color profile under Wayland? Or is one the ‘never implemented features’? I’m new to Linux / OPENSUSE in overall, so I’m kinda lost.

It seems that this is about openSUSE 15.4. I have no idea why you choose OTHER VERSION as the prefix of your thread title, but I will change that.


As the message says – an access issue –

  • The message is indicating that, you have an issue accessing the video card Video Lookup Tables located in the video card’s RAMDAC –
    There are solutions for X11/X.Org but, it seems that, Wayland hasn’t, yet, addressed this issue.