Want to intall OPENSUSE 15.4 but with Cinnamon desktop

I know there is a one click install for CINNAMON desktop for opensuse v15.4
I have been using LINUX MINT and am more comfortable with the cinnamon desktop.

Is there any issues or stability issues with it. or Stick with the Standard GNOME ?

GNOME uses Wayland and not X11. If you can live with that then go Gnome.

I also use Mint in a VirtualBox machine but went with the MATE desktop version.

OpenSUSE will allow MATE - choose generic desktop (not KDE of GNOME) and on the software tab select MATE pattern.

I also have a KDE and GNOME Tumbleweed VirtualBox guests to test software patches to see it they break anything,

Good Luck.

I have no idea why you want a “one click install”, but Cinnamon is in the standard OSS repo and it’s main component packages are even grouped as a Pattern. Thus use YaST (or zypper) to install it. You can also do this already at system installation time.

Do not use one-click install.
Or use it very carefully - choose only needed repos.
Cinnamon is rather rare DE in openSUSE, cannot tell anything about it.

ILL Cinnamon is unavailable during installation: Installation steps | Start-Up | openSUSE Leap 15.5
Not sure, have only hints on that.

[Portal:Cinnamon - openSUSE Wiki

https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/X11:/Cinnamon:/](Portal:Cinnamon - openSUSE Wiki)

It may not be in the list shown rather at the beginning of the installation process, but from the list of things that are going to happen (short for the real installation starts), one can change the software selection. I am not sure the Cinnamon Pattern is on the DVD ISO image, when yes, you can include it during installation. It is of course always possible to add it when using a NETinstall. And else, indeed add it first after the installation is complete. There are, as always, many ways to do things in Unix/Linux.

AFAIR, not available from DVD image, but maybe available with online repos.

To install cinnamon desktop on existing leap 15.4 install, use yast, from view menu, open patterns, look for cinnamon desktop, and click to install. Logout and upon relogin select cinnamon. I have not tested this but should work.

On a new installation from dvd iso, do not delect kde or gnome, select the generic desktop option. After the install of minimum generic desktop, use yast (or zypper) to install cinnamon as per above.

tom kosvic