Waiting for a job to finish 3+ minutes at shutdown - where is it logged?


Desktop running oS 42.1 x64 KDE. Yesterday at shutdown, terminal shows message "waiting for a job to finish xx:xx/1m30s. After 1m30s, the wait time changes to 3m:00s. After this the system shuts down.

So, my systemd-newbie question: where do I find the logs, if any, that identify the delaying job or service? I haven’t turned the machine back on yet.



Have a look here…

So, you need to look at the last boot log and probably the last 100 lines… (to cover the shutdown);

journalctl --list-boots
journalctl -b -1 -n 100

Thanks, Malcolm, it was a syncthing connection delay, apparently:

Jul 18 00:31:41 bruno syncthing[1856]: [BCB7R] INFO: Connection from [HUGE FOLDER ID STRING] AT (tcp-server) rejected: device is ignored.

Curiously IP …0.3 is not linked this machine, both link to another computer that keep the sync’d files. It might be the order the computers were turned off, but still it’s weird. Some testing is in order…