Wacom pen not being recognised after recent updates in Tumbleweed

I have a Wacom Intuos 5 Pro pen tablet. It always was recognised as the in system settings. Now it is seen as

unknwon Waltop device ox26 [0026] 

and the buttons don’t match properly etc. I have tried reinstalling all the Wacom related files and the KCM for tablet recognition. All that fixed this one time it happened before after another update. I can’t seem to find my way out of this problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

Maybe I should rephrase the question. The Wacom was working fine all along for the past few years and recently after a tumbleweed update it is no longer seen as a wacom pen and tablet, instead it shows an

unknown waltop device at 0x26

and unknown is spelled wrong like “unknwon”. However, on windows machine it is still correctly detected. Even on an old machine with GNOME and running Leap it is correctly detected. I am at a loss to know what to do here. I am illustrating for my business on the machine that no longer recognises it.

What is the output of

xsetwacom list devices

There might be someone that can help you out.

john@localhost:~> xsetwacom list devices 
Wacom Intuos5 touch S Pen stylus        id: 11  type: STYLUS     
Wacom Intuos5 touch S Pen eraser        id: 12  type: ERASER     
Wacom Intuos5 touch S Pen cursor        id: 13  type: CURSOR     
Wacom Intuos5 touch S Pad pad           id: 20  type: PAD        
Wacom Intuos5 touch S Finger touch      id: 21  type: TOUCH      

However in the settings under graphic tablet it is still wrong and not all the right things are available. shows literally 'unknwon Waltop device 0x26[0026]

I am assuming you are using Plasma Desktop and I have no knowledge with the plasma setup on wacom
I have an older wacom intuos that I use in krita but in xfce. Sometimes the mapping specially if I plug a new usb gadget it messes up the mapping so I have to
redo the wacom config according to the order of new detection number base on the result from the command

xsetwacom list devices

Doing this I have a startup script in my /home/user that I can modify in order to make my wacom intuos work the way it was detected. I just logout after the changes to the script and login again.
This might not be the right answer to your problem but I am just writing this to add some hint of some of the problem with wacom on linux.

Yours probably is a driver issue for wacom.

Well, I changed to GNOMEshell and it works really fine now. Thanks for your reply. Obviously there’s a problem in KDE/plasma with this

I’ve had this problem for a good while on openSUSE Tumbleweed. My Intous5 Tablet would be recognized as an “Unknown Waltop device [0028]” and Expresskeys couldn’t be configured.

To solve it I had to do:

sudo rm /usr/share/wacomtablet/data/waltop_devicelist

And then log out of KDE Plasma.

It appears that the Waltop tablet definition file conflicts with Wacom’s.
Seems like a bug.

Thanks for the tip, I must go back and try KDE again. i always liked it, although Gnome 42 is not bad