Wacom Bamboo CTL-460

I got a bamboo tablet, CTL-460. Supported under linux wacom project. The hardware ID from lsusb is below:
I also added this line to the right file. (ATM i forget what that file is, but i’ll edit it later.) This was found in other posts on forums.opensuse.org

KERNEL==“event*”, SYSFS{idVendor}==“056a”, NAME=“input/%k”, SYMLINK=“input/wacom”

My question is, now what? the other posts involved recompiling the drivers, kernel, and mixing files and stuff like that. I’d prefer to avoid compiling anything, and use you use X11 wacom packages, which I currently have installed.

I did try editing Xorg.conf to what the official how to says, and it just flat out failed, had to roll it back.

I Figured xorg or one of those similar files has to be edited, modprobe must be probed, and then something to start the tablet when plugged in?

I did try to compile the kernel and stuff, but it was very confusing and didn’t work either, clearly.

Anyone here actually gotten the CTL-460 to work? If so, mind posting your xorg.conf and any other files? I’ve been beating my head on this, my brains would owe you a great many thanks for any help you can provide.

First of all, don’t create xorg.conf file. (Rename it).
Latest versions of X doesn’t need xorg.conf file.

You need to create a policy file for this device. You already have a default policy file:

You may copy it to:
and edit it to your requirement.

P.S. I don’t have any wacom device so I can’t really help on the parameters to be edited. But, in general, you can find out more information about the device using the following command:


If i can ever get this working, I’d be more than willing to write up a real How to and maintain it. I have 3 computers running opensuse and Will be setting it up on all of them.