vpnc and KDE 4 under opensuse 11.0

Am I missing something, or does the networkmanager in KDE 4 not have a disconnect option for the VPNC client? I can open a connection, but the only way to close one is to kill the vpnc process. Also, it would be nice if a lock icon would appear with the network connection icon in the system panel when a vpnc connection is active, as was the case in 10.3 and IS the case in 11.0 gnome 2.22 and nm-applet.

Seems to me that the new networkmanager under KDE 4 has obfuscated some of the functionality it had in 10.3 under KDE 3.x.x.


Actually it closes if u chose to start the vpn connection again… This also happens in KDE 3.5.9