VPN client with pre-shared key (PSK) authentication

a need to configure VPN client with the following parameters,

  • ip adress
  • user/pass
  • PKK ( pre-shared key)

I was trying to use openfortivpn, but it seems like openfortivpn can be use only for VPN SSL connection.
Since I have to authenticate by PSK probably I need VPN IPsec.

Does somebody know which linux vpn client will be the best to set-up this configuration ?
Or how to configure VPN IPsec this connection on OpenSuse LEAP 15.2 ?

Best Regards,

You can use NetworkManager to configure and manage many VPNs. I have L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP VPN configurations working on my laptop running openSUSE. I use them to connect to the production network I manage for the company I work for. I am not familiar with using SSL VPNs though. In the end, the VPN client technology must match the server you’re trying to connect to, and you haven’t mentioned that here.

Anyway, below is a link to a graphical guide showing how you can configure an L2TP VPN connection via NetworkManager. It is aimed at *buntu users (with respect to installing packages), but the configuration/connection process is the same.


Let us know if you get stuck, or something isn’t clear to you.