Volume increasing automatically with wireless headset - Plantronics voyager B8200

Hey folks,

I have a plantronics voyager B8200 wireless headset that I’ve been using with OpenSuSE and recently decided to reinstall Tumbleweed from scratch (long story, irrelevant). It works for the most part, however the headset automatically does this thing where it goes into momentary ‘pause’ when there is no sound being generated by the computer. This normally is not an issue but since I’ve re-installed Tumbleweed, each time the audio kicks in after any period of silence this triggers this momentary ‘pause’, the volume increases by 5%. A single increment each time.

This didn’t happen on my earlier Tumbleweed install, and only started happening when I re-installed at the end of may.

I tried googling but can’t really seem to find much about this. Any ideas?

I experienced the same problem. Dude what did you do? Please let me know. [FONT=Calibri]บาคาร่า](https://www.chokdeebacarrat.com/บาคาร่า/)[/FONT]

Not a fix, but you seems not to need what looks to be auto mute , so why not switch it off?

The actual problem might be similar to Volume gets louder every time a new application is started

I saw that thread as well, but, Tumbleweed seems to already have that set by default:

localhost:/etc/pulse/daemon.conf.d> cat 60-disable_flat_volumes.conf 
# Set flat-volumes to no so that no applications can abruptedly increase master volume
# Remedy for fate#310668.
flat-volumes = no

However, disabling auto-mute seems to have done the trick! Thanks so much for the help on this :slight_smile:

Wait, no. I spoke too soon. I disabled auto-mute and while swapping workspaces in cinnamon it didn’t auto-increment. Then a few moments later it happened again.

However, what is odd, is that if I switch workspaces with ctrl+alt left/right, the sound doesn’t increment. If I click on a different workspace in the workspace switcher using the mouse, it happens. I really don’t know what to make of all this.

Not to be obnoxious, but does anyone else have any ideas? Not sure what to do and this is honestly making my life miserable.

Create bug report.

I imagine you’re talking about an opensuse bug report, yes? Or is there a different bugtracker I should send it to?

Start with openSUSE. Maybe you’ll need another ones.


Bug created. I’ll update the thread in case there’s any further developments.

Well done in creating the Bug report. The person in that bug report who responded is a GNU/Linux alsa sound driver developer. If anyone can solve your PC sound problem, he may be your best bet.

I’m honestly at a loss of words. I’ve asked for the ticket to be closed as I somehow fixed the issue. I essentially switched between the analog and digital BT600 profile and pressed a few buttons at random on the headset. The issue stopped.

None of this makes sense.

Glad to read its working now … who knows … maybe it is a ‘firmware bug’ ?