volume control

When I use the volume control on my keyboard, it shows the volume changes, but the volume stays the same.

Also when I click on the volume icon, it shows :

High definition volume controller - the volume button changes this


Event sounds - when I change this, it actually changes the volume on the computer, but the button does not change this.

I have never had this problem before I installed opensuse 12.3. Although I have been useing kde4 in pclinuxos, and gnome in ubuntu, this is my first time with opensuse on this computer.

I hope there is a way to fix it, because it is anoying, but other than that, I like opensuse.

by the way, this is in the KDE version.


I have bumped into this once or twice on other distros.
Right click the sound icon on the panel and click “select master channel”
There you can select your master channel, usually I would set it to “built in analog audio”
This bypasses the high definition audio setting, and changes the master volume to the non HD audio.

Thanks, that did it !!!

No problem.