Vnc connection crashes after login

hi how are you
i need help if any of you can help me
i will appreciate your help
i set up a vnc server on my opensuse leap 15.5 and it always crashes whenever i enter the password of my user after it establishes the connection
i use lightdm
i made an ssh tunnel and it behaves the same
i changed the DE and the DM between lightm gdm and tdm and between trinity gnome and icewm and it’s still the same
i checked some other forums and none helped solve the issue
i’m not new to linux but i was never able to solve this issue
please help me

It is the VNC that crashes or is it the VNC client?

Can you have a look at the journal to see what is reported after the crash?

sudo journalctl -b

thank you for your answer, i solved the issue, i just made a new user and i was able to use it to establish the connexion