VNC as a service

I’d like to set tinyVNC server to start as a service on my desktop PC running 11.2. Currently I have to log into the box then start the server with “dbus-launch vncserver :6 -geometry 1024x768”

I’d like to be able to start the vnc server without having to log into the box first. What’s the best way to do this? Put it in a cron or put the command in the boot.local script? Either way I’m not sure how to launch the server for a particular user.

If your vnc server cannot start itself as a service you might want to become familiar with “insserv” which will insert the service appropriately on your linux box.

If you just add it to your system (like boot.local) it might try to run before required services (network) are up and running.

It’s not trivial. You will tweak up a default script and have the insserv command insert it in your init.d where it belongs.


Thanks. That sounds a little complex for the meoment. I’ll have to do a little more research on this. Perhaps try FreeNX server or something.