VMware Workstation OpenGL

I am trying to run a windows VM in VMware workstation on my Lenovo T530 ThinkPad. I believe it has an Nvidia graphics card. When I start the VM I get the error, “No 3d support,” and, “Hardware graphics acceleration not available,” with it suggesting I update my linux openGL drivers. When I have installed all updates. When I tried installing them myself, I managed to break my graphics driver and have to do a snapper rollback. What drivers or what configs do I need to change to make this work?

I hadn’t reviewed recent advances in 3D and hardware accelerated video support in VMware in awhile…

I found these…

  1. Update HostOS video driver to latest, and verify it supports OpenGL 3.3.
  2. Configure video hardware acceleration in the Guest Properties
    The following link for the HostOS, and the next article for configuring the Guest

A different approach, build your VMware Guest video driver with latest Mesa sources.

Lastly, may be important but not sure. Although written in 2015, that was around the time that Workstation 12 was first launched (today current is Workstation 12.5). Talks about provisioning discrete Guests based on the GPU hardware.

If you have multiple GPU, then you can try doing a “VGA Passthrough” by simply clicking on the GPU icon in your Guest window, and configuring. But, you can’t do this if you don’t have at least a GPU for you HostOS besides the GPU you might pass through to your Guest.