VMware Workstation: Install problem

I had VMware WS on my old openSuSE 11.1 and recently reinstalled openSUSE, now I’m having trouble installing vmware.

This time I forgot to install the necessary packages before trying to install VMware
* gcc
* make
* kernel-source
* kernel-syms
* linux-kernel-headers (this is probably already installed)

So…I tried to uninstall VMware then add the packages above but when I tried vmware-uninstall, it didn’t do anything.
I also tried rpm -e (package name)…& nothing

I went ahead and installed the other packages and tried reinstalling vmware and it says it installed successfully but I’m not seeing it and when I run ‘vmware’ in the terminal nothing happens…

I referenced the install guide Setting up VMware Workstation - openSUSE but I think I messed up by trying to install it before adding the other packages.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

fixed it, thanks.