VMware Workstation as *.rpm


I’ve downloaded the current version of VMware Workstation (VMware-Workstation-6.5.1-126130.x86_64.rpm) and stzarted installation via YAST.

YAST actually starts… but then quits rapidly without leaving a message. When looking it up via console, WMware Workstation is installed. I can’t find a graphical menue either.

What went wrong? >:)

Please… does anyone know how to correctly install it from *.rpm-scratch?
Don’t be shy. — :wink:


  • TheMask,

open a console, become root, then try and run vmware-config.pl
Does that work?


There is no more vmware-config.pl in Workstation or Player.

To install rpm, first remove it from inside YaST Software Management. Now open a root console and install with:
rpm -Uhv VMpackagename.rpm where package name is the package. I find that after you cd to where you d/l it, it is easiest to simply type the first few letters and hit the Tab key to auto complete it. See the Topic here if you have any questions.

Awesome, man. WORKED. :wink: