VMware Player copy-paste or drag and drop

I’ve installed VMWare Player 3 (VMware-Player-3.0.0-203739.x86_64.bundle), the VMware Tools but I can’t get the copy-paste from guest to host nor the file drag and drop to work.

Host: openSUSE 11.2 64bit with KDE 4.3.1
Guest: Windows XP 32bit

I had the EXACT VM running on VMPlayer 2.5 an openSUSE 11.1 with GNOME and there were no issues.

When I drag a file from the VM to Dolphin, I see the usual VMWare progress bar so it’s doing something, but the file never arrives…

Where can I start troubleshooting this? Were are the log files…?

I tried installing VMWare Player 2.5, but that version does not want to install - the installer hangs after/during the kernel mod compilations.

Could this be a GNOME vs. KDE thing?

As a follow-up: I just discovered that I can paste into the VM and drag files into the VM, but nothing can be dragged out or copied from the VM?

Suggestions, anyone?