VMWare and Microphone input

Greetings All,

I have a number of sound-card based ham-radio/scanner programs that use the microphone input of the sound card. These programs are all Windows based, and do not have any Linux native versions. None of these programs appear to work with Wine, so I am attempting to get them to work with VMWare.

When attempting to run any of these programs from VMWare, the message “Device or resource busy” is displayed, and the sound card is disconnected from the host.

Is there some way to get the microphone input to be shared with or directed to the VM guest? I hate to have to run a dedicated Windows machine for these few applications.

VMWare Guest: Windows 2000,
VMWare Sound Device: /dev/dsp
VMWare level: Workstation v6.5.2

Suse Level: 11.1/KDE 3.5
Hardware:IBM Thinkpad T42

Applications:Unitrunker, Scanner Recorder, T4Win

Thanx in advance.


I don’t use VMware, so can not provide specific guidance.

My wife runs WinXp apps that use the microphone using Virtual Box.

The key thing is to ensure the mic first works under openSUSE outside of Virtual Box, and only after its working there, does one try to get it working inside Virtual Box with winXP. Its possible the same philosophy applies to VMWare.

If anyone has the old original Howto’s from redhat / mandrake 5 thru 9 versions, there was specific howto’s just for ham radio and slowscan tv and lists of apps native to Linux for doing these ops.

You could also check the world-wide ham radio site on the web, as Unix and Linux have been used by this sector of industry long before Microsoft app venders even attempted to involve themselves.
It was only after new generation digital handhelds came out with windows connectivity that Microsoft took notice.

It may well be, that your favorite device has a native Linux/Unix solution without doing a VM.:\



Tuner is a simple tuner app for Linux

Currently it should work with most of the older Uniden models like the BC895XLT, BC245XTL, and BC780XLT.

The app uses GTK for graphics. You need to know the serial device to which your radio is attached. For Linux machines, this will usually be:
BSD is untested, but should work. Send an email if you’d like to try. Mac OS/X and *BSD serial ports would usually be:

Support for newer Uniden models (including '396 and '996) and most PC controlled Icom PC/R models will be added as time permits.

or look here:
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