VM crashes in Hyper-V

I am seeing frequent crashes/reboots of the 15.4 JeOS VHD running in Microsoft Hyper-V.

I am following these instructions:

I have gone as far as step 10 in the docs above.

Sometimes it freezes up after I have been away from the keyboard for a few minutes.
When I do something like hitting enter, nothing happens.

Sometimes, I hit Ctrl-C after enter gets too frustrating, and it instantly disconnects me from the VM.
Or it might say it is Reconnecting, and then I have to log in again.

Usually, it reboots and I have to wait several seconds or maybe 15 seconds, for it to restart, before I can log in again.

I made a change to the sshd configuration to wait 120 seconds and try 30 times.

I think these are the settings I was using:

  • ServerAliveInterval
  • ServerAliveCountMax
    (Sorry, I don’t have access to that VM at this time, so I can’t tell you for sure)

I don’t think the changes to the sshd config changed this behaviour, but that is what I thought was most likely the problem the first couple times I saw it.

Thanks in advance for any help!