VLC - progressive scanlines

Hey guys,

I’m using a dual screen setup, watching movies on my LG 32GP6000 usin VLC. However, I can see the progressive scanlines on the LG, but not on my Samsung Syncmaster.

I have this issue under Windows as well, but using mplayer classic totally removes those visible scanlines without configuration. So I know that I somehow can get rid of them.

The question is: does anyone know how to configure VLC for a smoother performance?

Now I don’t know what I have done.

All of a sudden, HD movies are running VERY slow or got vertical lines with thes picture above and under the lines not synced.

Maybe I updated something which broke stuff.

I used the one-click-install for Gnome enabling ‘evil’ codecs. I think oldcpu in some post pointed out certain priorities on the repositories. My thought is that maybe it updated something from the ‘wrong’ repository, but it feels like a long shot.

I tried some movies in mplayer, and the ran slow as well.

You could try working your way thru RedDwarf’s guide:
Check your multimedia problem in ten steps - openSUSE Forums

Reference repositories, I always recommend 4 and only 4 repositories be kept enabled in one’s software repository list. Those 4 are: OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman. NO OTHERS! None. Not one. Especially not videolan enabled at the same time.

I typically give Packman a priority of 80 and leave the remainder at their default of 99.

If you need an app from another repository, simply add the repository, install the app, and then disable or remove the repository.

I provided some top level guidance for software installation methods on openSUSE here: openSUSE software installation hints - openSUSE Forums

Thanks a lot, this solved most of the issues. I really had a repository mess, so I will take this as a proof of concept of following your wise words.

The movies doesn’t run slow anymore, but the vertical lines are still there. Guess this issue depends more on my ATI driver or something like that. They are watchable now at least.

Happens with a NVIDIA card as well :wink:
Hasn’t annoyed me enough to search for a solution, but I think I’ve seen this mentioned earlier and it could be fixed by setting vsync. With NVIDIA this can be done from the configuration window I think… no idea about Ati though but perhaps adding ‘vsync’ to your search query will get you some more useful search results

Think I have seen some setting for it in the Catalyst Control Center. Will try it out. Thanks for the tip.

It worked. All issues solved.