vlc-plugin-fluidsynth available?

System has Leap 15.2, KDE, VLC, fluidsynth 1.1.11-lp152.3.8. I would like to play midi files with VLC. The site https://wiki.videolan.org/Midi/ states it works when the Linux version has vlc-plugin-fluidsynth installed. On this system, the FluidSynth codec is not shown in VLC’s preferences. The videolan site mentions installing vlc-plugin-fluidsynth in Ubuntu. Searching for vlc-plugin-fluidsynth in the usual openSUSE repositories, plus packman, finds nothing. Is it available in a repository I have not added?

The same VLC version on Windows 10 plays midi files correctly.

I got a file at http://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/distributions/ALTLinux/p9/branch/x86_64/RPMS.classic/vlc-plugin-fluidsynth- but hesitate to try it.

I see it’s enabled in vlc beta on packman, but disabled in Leap 15.2;

Ref: https://pmbs.links2linux.de/package/view_file/Essentials/A_15.2-vlc/vlc.spec?expand=1

# Fluidsynth plugin is known to cause strange crashes here and there - disable it for now (2014-10-07, DimStar)

I suggest a Packman bug report, or Packman Mailing list post and ask the maintainers to enable…

I posted to the mailing list. I’ll report any response.


I got a response from the packman list stating:

see here https://pmbs.links2linux.de/package/show/Essentials/A_15.2-vlc (top right), the packman package just links to the openSUSE build service
the right place to request is to the openSUSE maintainers, not here.
I’m pursuing the openSUSE build service approach.