VLC Bus Error issue

I tried to watch a movie today only to have vlc die rather than load. When run from command line I get a “bus error” message. I did a google search and this appears to be happening to users of Ubuntu also.

My system: openSuse 12.3 x86_64 on a Phenom x3 8600B, NVIDIA graphics using the NVIDIA commercial drivers. 4 GiB of RAM. I was aware and have corrected the issue of users not being added to the video users group and the system is responsive enough to use VMWare Player with a Windows 8 guest OS.

My search seemed to indicate an issue with one of the Ubuntu repositories that messed up some library or other. My installation of the vlc client came from Packman so I’m wondering what the issue is. I replaced vlc with MPlayer and am able to watch movies just fine but I wondered if anyone else has seen this. The vlc software is very good when it works at all.

Seems fine here
Make sure you applied the switch on Packman.

FYI: I use smplayer mostly

I fixed the problem, by removing a directory called ~/Library/Preferences/VLC

source:- https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=45639

Before this post was made I deleted and installed from Packman. It seems to work fine now. It happened after an update and I thought that was the problem. I may never know…

If you have VLC repo in YaST. Disable it. It is not compatible with Packman