virus scan from one computer to another via a network connection - kde

I’ve done an internet search and couldn’t get what I was looking for.

I need to do a virus scan from a linux system to mswin system via a network connection: Ethernet or USB connection. Also, I will be doing the scan with the external cable unplugged to block outside internet access.

I found some information on mounting a network partition. I don’t fully understand how it worked. I understand some about local area networks, not how to set them up with the command line or GUI.

Linux system <–> MSWIN system

Ethernet vs USB connection?

I need to understand the basics. Where do I start first?

You don’t need Linux for that. You may use rescue disk from antivirus providers. Boot machine with it and check system.

You cannot see all the disk from a windows mount - just what is shared.

You need a rescue image to boot from to scan and remove any malware.

Windows 10 has a fast boot shutdown and you cannot fix a disk that is “fast shutdown” it is basically a suspend. Do a reboot shutdown and do not allow it to come back up - now you can repair the disk.

HirenBoot cd image is good free choice - It is what I use to fix windows


All you have to do is hold the shift key down and then select windows to shutdown, it’s a full shutdown and no hibersys file (or shutdown /s /t 2).

By default there are administrative shares for each drive that give access to full drive content (subject to normal filesystem ACLs).

But you cannot edit the registry or the boot sectors remotely from Linux some malware hides in there. Heck, you cannot edit many registry entries when Windows is running - exactly what some malware takes advantage of. That is why you need Malwarebytes to fix things.

It is possible, but not needed for ordinary users: Intel Management Engine - Wikipedia

I found out how to disable fast boot to scan windows from linux. In mswin, you need go into the ‘power management’ and search for some options. Then click on a button to unlock more options. You might need to reboot, after that you can scan the mswin partitions from linux. I do it all the time with scanvirus. I’v killed lots of mswin viruses that way. :slight_smile:

If you want the details. I’ll need look at it again.

Having destroyed a system that was using fast boot when I booted from an external drive I now disable it on every system I have. One way to do that is have multiple boot options. I have an option to boot into a vanilla Win7 instal that is on a VHD file. Windows works out that with multiple boot options hibernation (fast boot) is dangerous and so does full shutdowns and disables fast boot in the power options.

Do you need a 3rd party anti-virus with mswin? I use spybot search & destory scan and immunity functions.

I’m able to scan mswin with scanvirus GUI/CL (clamscan engine). This has caught many viruses over the years.

I’ve never seen windows disable fast boot with multi-boot. Must be a newer function. I’ve not used a same drive multi-boot in years.

This is most secure multi-boot I have been able to create. It requires a sata power switch on two drives(double switch separate power lines on/off). Not that hard to do. I had someone else do this.
MSWIN may fail to boot. So, just use a motherboard shutdown power down and power back up. MSWIN will boot normally.

On an msi and gigabyte system(tested): hard drive #1 - linux hard drive #2 - mswin
Note, you will need to use the separate switch setup to install both systems without one affecting the other.

On a complete power down, not needed to turn off the tower switch. MAKE SURE IT’S COMPLETELY OFF!

Flip switches only when completely powered down. (repeating)

linux on - mswin off
Linux will boot normally and MSWIN will not be in the drive list.

linux off - mswin on
MSWIN should boot normally. If not, do a motherboard shutdown. Then power up again. It will boot normally.

Linux on - mswin on
Now, use your motherboard’s boot menu key. Then use ‘opensuse secure boot’ or ‘UFEI boot’, depending on your system setup. If you don’t MSWIN will grab the boot from linux.

If you can do the hardware mod, this is a major upgrade from same drive multi-boot. MSWIN has no way to read the linux drive when it has no power. :wink:

With linux and mswin on after scanning mswin, power down completely. Then flip to linux on/mswin off and reboot.

I’v done this for years and killed lots of windows viruses. :slight_smile:

Hmm, what about using a mswin ‘registry cleaner’ that removes junk entries?

On my main PC I have had to actively disable “fast boot” but it defaulted to on.

On my laptop where I have multiple windows boot options, it defaulted to off but in theory I can turn it on.

Interestingly if you make a virtual machine for windows 10 (I use Virtual Box and can only speak for that) then “fast boot” option is actually missing. Similarly booting to a VHD (another install of win10) on the laptop, there is again no “fast boot” option at all.

It’s also a BIOS option…