VirtualBox: problem getting out of seamless mode


Running VirtualBox 2.1.4 (not OSE) on 11.1 KDE 4.2 with an XP SP3 guest. I am having a problem getting out of seamless mode, which is the state the virtual machine opens up into now automatically. Hitting host (right control) + L to get out of it gives me a “ghost” window where the virtual machine should be i.e. I can see the shape of the virtual machine, but it basically looks like a slightly more transparent version of the Plasma dashboard. Toggling back and forth doesn’t help, nor does restarting the VM.

Any suggestions will be welcome!

Try right control + home and then select machine>seamless mode!


Thanks that does help, although some graphical problems remain. If I toggle to full screen, the VM just fades away, and it can’t be moved in its small default window size.

Anyway, working well enough for the time being.

Thanks for the suggestion.