Virtualbox Error - AMD-V is disabled

Thanks to these forums I finally got Virtualbox (virtualbox-qt) working (I first had the wrong version, the gtk version, which I uninstalled). I now have the qt version installed. Everything was going fine, until I got to the final step of loading the optical media (DVD) for Kubuntu 14.04. Then I get this error message:

Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Kubuntu1404
AMD-V is disabled in the BIOS (or by the host OS)

What exactly is AMD-V and why or how is it disabled?

Thanks for any help.

My system: 64-bit AMD FX™-4130 Quad-Core Processo
Opensuse 13.2 KDE 4.14.5


As indicated it’s probably disabled in your motherboard BIOS (host). Reboot the system and press whichever key it indicates at the system startup screen (before grub) to get to your motherboard BIOS, eg esc, F2, delete etc.

In one of the pages there will be (probably advanced) a setting to enable to turn on AMD-V aka virtualization.

Hmmm… I’m to lazy/not want to boot my server and check BIOS but I recommend that you check VirtualBox ->settings ->System and the tab Acceleration and that VT-x/AMD-V as well Nested Paging is enabled. The screenshot below is from my AMD X4 630 server.


I’m trying to install VirtualBox, too, but on an AMD M2MN68-AM Plus MOBO running a 64 bit processor. I booted my machine, used del to get to bios, went to advanced and enabled Secure Virtual Machine Mode. That fixed THAT problem.


That fixed it. Virtualization under Advanced Settings in the BIOS was disabled, so I enabled it. Thank you.