Virtualbox does not start

Hi Everyone,

I have just installed virtualbox 2.0.6-2.6 on openSUSE 11.1 from the opensuse 11.1 repository via Yast. I have chosen to install:

  • virtualbox-ose
  • virtualbox-ose-guest-tools
  • virtualbox-ose-kmp-pae (kernel module)
  • xorg-x11-driver-virtualbox-ose

When I try to open Virtualbox OSE, it seems as if the application want to start, but nothing happens. It remains unresponsive.

Did I install all the packages needed for virtualbox to run? Maybe I missed something.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Many Thanks


did you do as su:

/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

see also

When that happened to me I uninstalled the one from the Yast and installed the one from this page.

That fixed it for me.

What caf4926 said, but also make sure that you are part of the “vboxusers” group. Use Yast -> Security And Users -> Users And Group Management. Click the “Groups” tab and confirm that there is a “vboxusers” group. Now click the “Users” tab, click your name, “Edit” and look at the box to the right. Click the “vboxusers” group name to put yourself in that group, save and restart.

After I installed it, I could run it, but only as root. After I added my name to “vboxusers” (as recommended in the docs, which of COURSE I didn’t read :slight_smile: ), I could start it as “stephen” without a problem. But the symptom will be exactly as you describe – it appears to try, but never actually starts up. If you were to try starting it by entering “VirtualBox” at a CLI in a terminal, you’d see an error about ownership and permissions.

Hi markcynt,

Thank you very much. I downloaded the rpm from that site, but first I had to install pam-develop. Then I installed the rpm you recommended and now I have a fully functional Virtual Box.

Thanks for the info.


That’s good to hear.

It’s probably a good idea to follow the “Post Installation” steps on this page.