VirtualBox can't start and crashes on launch

Hi Folks,

My notebook was installed with openSUSE tumbleweed and VirtualBox was installed from the openSUSE repo recently. Whenever I try to launch the VirtualBox to install a Windows guest, it always crashed on the start and shutdown to the notebook BIOS screen. I used to have VirtualBox on the Tumbleweed working perfectly in the past, but how come it doesn’t now? This is the issue one.

Another issue is with the KVM. My past experiences with the KVM is that KVM guest such as Windows VM can’t access shared folder/directory on the host. Is there a solution to this now?

My notebook:
AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics
GeForce RTX 20605
64GB memory
latest Tumbelweed with kernel 5.10.5

Please post from the host:

zypper se -si kernel virtualbox
uname -a
zypper lr -d

Is your system up to date?

zypper dup