virtualbox can't import /export

hi people , i use oracle on oracle linux 6.9 virtualbox ,
when i update or make changes i would like to save it , for future , virtualbox on opensuse can’t import /export , i always get error at the end
(can’t close …still attached to …)
does any one know what is wrong?

maybe because it has another controller with vdmk image
thx all

Does your error look like what is described in this Virtualbox Forum thread?

Most common solution described in that thread is to create a new virtual machine using only the virtual disk.
Additionally, you’ll find a few posts referring to complications related to snapshots, one even deleted the snapshot files which of course means losing the information in those snapshots… Elsewhere in the Virtualization forum I noted this issue recently as common to other virtualization besides Virtualbox with the recommendation to merge or remove all snapshots before exporting (or copying) the virtual machine.

BTW - You’ll probably find more Virtualbox-related discussions in the Virtualization Forum compared to Applications.


thanks man.
i will be take a look to virtualization forum , appreciated.