VirtualBox 7.0

Why the version 7.0 is not available for tumbleweed ?

Because openSUSE never releases the 1st of a new version - we will wait for 7.0.2 to release it.

5.0.2 was the 1st release for version 5

6.0.2 was the 1st release for version 6

7.0.0 is very flakey but it does work but I have not tested everything yet - just the video resize and clipboard so far.

Right now we are waiting for 6.1.40 to go thru QA.

You are welcome to download from the Oracle VirtualBox website and build you own 7.0.0 and figure out the patches need for openSUSE Tumbleweed and Kernel 6.0.1. It takes about 17 minutes on an 8th gen i5 to build the rpm to install - they will not be signed so you will have to disable secure boot to make it work.

the version 7.0.2 is out !

Also 6.1.40:

VirtualBox --help
Oracle VM VirtualBox VM Selector v6.1.40_SUSE
(C) 2005-2022 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.

Or use this one:

Please take something to chill out, user larryr the openSUSE Virtualbox maintainer (one person) will get to updating as/when it’s decided, it’s their call.

Also be aware that openSUSE is a do-ocrity those that do decide, feel free to step up and help by branching the package, updating and test.