Virtualbox 7.0.18 Status

Oracle released 7.0.18 Today
It is currently building in OBS and I am testing the OBS code.
The Oracle code works fine in Tumbleweed and 15.5. It does not work in 15.6 from Oracle.
We have a patch that should work with 15.6. We have to wait for it to go thru OpenSUSE OBS to be sure.

The date/time issue with Shared Folders is fixed as is the USB issue in 15.5.

I will update when we get approvals from OpenSUSE in this discussion.

Oracle asked us not to release 7.0.16 as it had an I/O issue that could lock up a system (and it did lock my pure Oracle Virtualbox machine.


Testing is complete - USB and date/time stamp fixes all work
I have submitted them to OpenSUSE

user@LLR3:~/home:larryr:branches:Virtualization/virtualbox> osc r ; date

openSUSE_Tumbleweed  x86_64     virtualbox                     succeeded*
openSUSE_Tumbleweed  x86_64     virtualbox:kmp                 succeeded*
15.6                 x86_64     virtualbox                     succeeded*
15.6                 x86_64     virtualbox:kmp                 succeeded*
15.5                 x86_64     virtualbox                     succeeded*
15.5                 x86_64     virtualbox:kmp                 succeeded*
Sat May  4 10:50:09 AM CDT 2024

user@LLR3:~/home:larryr:branches:Virtualization/virtualbox> osc sr

created request id 1171915

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Tumbleweed and Slowroll have the 7.0.18 code today.

I do not know when Leap 15.5 and 15.6 of VirtualBox 7.0.18 will be released - they did build with no errors.

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Thanks for your work on this, Larry, as always. 7.0.18 DUP’d in today with the 20240508 snapshot, with working USB passthrough to my scanners. :grinning:

Just updated my system. Everything works fine.

Thank you very much to all who made this happen.

I got 7.0.18 for Leap 15.5 out of QA this morning - I have updated all my machines.

Save the open machines before the install or you will have to manually save them.

So 15.5, 15.6 and Tumbleweed are now current with 7.0.18

Don’t forget to update the guest additions on non-OpenSUSE vm’s

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I upgraded to 7.0.18 today in Leap 15.5 and updated guest additions in a windows 7 VM, but still get the message “no USB device connected”, even after rebooting the VM.
AFAIU USB stopped being detected after an update of VB 7.0.14 in my main work box (perhaps 7.0.14-lp155.2.19). My backup work box was off waiting a new motherboard,and it still has USB working with VB 7.0.14-lp155.2.16.2-x86_64 from the main repo. I’ve not updated this box since installing the new mobo, as I need USB access to a hardware key.
Is this still an issue or am I doing something wrong?

OK, downgraded virtualbox, virtualbox-kmp-default and virtualbox-qt in my main box to exactly the same versions on my backup box, and still USB does not work. Sigh…

Anybody got USB working on Leap 15.5?

My bad. After rebooting the host, USB on both versions 7.0.18 and 7.0.14-lp155.2.16.2 is working again.
Thanks for reading!