Virtualbox 6.1 on Tumbleweed

As others have pointed out elsewhere Virtualbox 6.1 has been out a while yet TW is still on 6.0.14. Is there a technical reason for this?


AFAICS there are no TW packages yet.

EDIT: Accidently removed part of my post, during submit …

Currently a lot of work is being done on kernel 5.4 for TW and the virtualbox packagers will very likely wait until kernel 5.4 is in TW.

Maybe it’s holiday time for the one and only maintainer…?

Consider an alternative, perhaps the tools and virtualization that works OTB after every kernel update?

It was simple curiosity, I am using 6.0.14 and it functions OK for me. I just wondered if there might have been a technical hitch as normally it appears quite quickly. Anyway quite happy to wait till the maintainer has time, I do appreciate these folks have a life outside of openSUSE and I’m grateful for their efforts.