Virtual Console Problem

My system enters init 5 successfully with nvidia driver enabled. But the virtual consoles do not seem to work .
The system never starts in runlevel 2 and 3 But starts in level 1 and level 5
What to do ?

Actually after the system boots the virtual consoles atleast after 15-20 minutes … where is the problem ?

What exactly are you trying to ask? It’s normal for a desktop system to boot in runlevel 5. Other runlevels don’t offer X for example.
Which openSUSE are you running, which Gnome, KDE or other. Which NVidia driver, 32- or 64-bit?

Well my system runs fine . It boots graphically I am using openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 3.5
But after logging in If I need to use a Virtual Console and If I press alt+Ctrl+F1 … it never works . The console changes but i do not have a login prompt … just a blank screen

Same is the problem if I pass level 3 as Kernel Argument while booting . I do not get a login prompt.

Are you trying to run the nVidia virtual desktops/consoles?

That’s different than what is built into SuSE.

No actually the NTP service was causing the problem
I issued
*chkconfig ntp off *

Everything works fine after reboot