vim 10.3


Whenever I am running vim (via vi) it always opens the file at the same line as I was at in the previous one.

I seem to remember that I can turn this behaviour off but, for the life of me, I cannot find the ref.

Anybody know how to turn theis feature off?

Many Thanks.

  1. cd
  2. rm -f .viminfo
  3. vim .vimrc
  4. set viminfo=“NONE”
    Note that the “set” is placed somewhere inside the file .vimrc

Hi there,

I thought this was interesting, so tried it myself but when I add this to .vimrc I get the following when starting vim again:

paracelsus@Callandor:~> vim .viminfo
E575: viminfo: Illegal starting char in line: set viminfo=“NONE”
Press ENTER or type command to continue

I tried adding to as:
set viminfo=“none”
:set viminfo=“none”

Checked out the documentation at Vim documentation: options but still no luck.

Any suggestions on what I am missing?


Hi there,

Weird - I realised case mattered so tried again with “NONE” - but it still does not work.

Another option is just to start vim as #vim -i none or make an alias for this, which starts it without reading vimrc


You edited the wrong file. You are supposed to delete .viminfo and add the set command to the .vimrc file.

Also, check for any illegal character before “set”.