video freeze in VLC


I installed OpenSuse Leap 15 and VLC. When I play a video file in VLC in full screen mode the picture is freeze and only the sound hear and I can’t do anything , unless press a reboot button on case.

Please help me what to do.


what graphic card and driver do you have?
did you do a full vendor change to packman?
what’s your repo list

zypper lr -d

Although I experienced a different problem introduced in the June 3 VLC update(Unalbe to play HEVC encoded videos without crashing),
The solution to my problem might fix others…

Disable Hardware assist with the following

(Simple Interface Settings)
Tools > Preferences > Input & Codecs Settings > Hardware accelerated decoding > Change Automatic to Disabled


well the vdpau plugin was removed from the main vlc package and vlc has different hickups with va-api for different nvidia cards
for me libvlc based players crash with va-api and xine based players play video’s in a strange fast/slow/freeze repeat way
the fix for nvidia users is to use vdpau and that’s why I asked about graphic card and driver
I have no issues with the nvidia drivers playing videos in vlc inc HEVC which my gpu does not support
I really don’t think disabling hardware acceleration is a good idea

Sorry for late reply.
my graphic card is nvidia gtx 570 and driver in use is nouveau.

if you want to stay with nouveau I’d recommend doing what tsu2 said and that’s disabling hardware acceleration
if you want to go the propitiatory way install the nvidia driver and vlc-vdpau and set vdpau as the preferred method of hardware acceleration

I did what is tsu2 said but its freeze again.

the nouveau driver does not support hardware decoding (it is possible to get hardware decoding but you need some files from the nvidia driver which are not shipped for legal reasons) so the decoding is done in software and this can be slow
I don’t get why you don’t use the propitiatory driver and vdpau, that’s what I use on an old geforce 240 and have no issues

I install nvidia driver and its goes well.
Thank you