Video Editing Tools

I am in need of some video editing tools. First of all I need a tool that will accept any non-tape format such as mpeg avi etc. Secondly, I need a tool that can trim and splice, well. I seldom use effects, but if I can get a tool that does all of these things that will be the best. Prior to 2013 I used kino, which is no longer supported. This did all of the things I want; but it first had to convert the file to dv, which was time consuming.

I’ve tried pitivi, kdenlive, shotcut, but with no success. I can’t get any of these to run. LEAP/GNOME 3.16.2. BTW, I did download the zero-install version from the vendor site; but this didn’t work either.

Any help appreciated.

PS., I have switched to packman.

Last time I tried kdenlive it worked ok, but not very stable. Maybe Lightworks could work out for you, eventhough it is closed-source.


I notice from another post you’re installing Avidemux. That’s pretty comprehensive.
I do a fair bit of tampering and I have Avidemux, ProjectX, mjpegtools which includes various cli tools and ffmpeg which I use quite a bit to convert. It will take various clips and create one file and will convert almost anything to almost anything else. Again it’s a cli tool but I believe you can get a GUI for it ( it’s libraries are also used in most of the other tools).
All available on Packman and I’d be surprised if you don’t already have some of them.

When I tried to install Lightworks it failed with:


Nothing provides needed by lightworks-12.6-1

Conflict Resolution

1: do not install lightworks-12.6-1

2: break lightworks-12.6-1-x86_64 by ignoring some of its dependencies

Any help appreciated. I’d really like to install this.

Avidemux. Simple, no dependency hell, install from Packman. There’s an issue with some translations, so I use the English version. Good for trim, splice and reencode (f.e., 5-channel to stereo, video resize, etc.). No special effects, but a reasonable variety of filters.

One version had the facility of reencoding between I-frames if you clipped to-from a B-frame, but it may have been removed in the newer version, I’m not sure.

I’ve used kdenlive for years. Contrary to the opinion already expressed in this forum, it has worked well for me and it has been very stable for me.

I have made many videos with it.

kdenlive also has its own forum for excellent detailed support:

Webcam recording on LEAP was very unstable for me, made kdenlive crash quite often. But actual editing seemed stable enough though.


Interesting. I’ve never tried to use kdenlive to record a webcam. For my video cameras, I simply plug their USB cable into my PC, and drag and drop their video files to my PC, and then open them up with kdenlive. That works. Its very stable.

I have a webcam, but for the occasions where I wanted to record a video (from the webcam) I’ve always used a different app. I don’t recall reading the OP was looking for an app to record webcam videos (albeit I concede kino was known to have that functionality and I know a GNU/Linux user who used kino for such).

I have kdenlive running under 13.2 and LEAP-42.1.

Can you post a short raw video clip somewhere - so we can see if we can produce your problem and see if our editors of choice work with your test video?

I was mainly using this feature to test kdenlive. :slight_smile: Maybe I should investigate and open a bugreport if it is still present.


I think that’s a great idea. I’ve never done that before. How is it done?


Not sure if the OP wants to use Kino, but I recently used it, and it worked if started like this:

padsp kino

I used ffmpeg to convert a video to DV first:

ffmpeg -i Christmas2015.mp4 -target ntsc-dv -b:v 24000k Christmas2015.dv

I remember the “old days” importing a video into Kino, it took forever to convert to DV, ffmpeg seemed to be faster…

The MP4 file was rendered on Kdenlive in 720P, and I used the above to convert to DV for Kino. The only reason I did all that was to get the chapter information for a DVD. Splitting the DV into sections creates the chapters. To be honest, I only did this once, usually convert to ntsc-dvd MPEG files for DVD versions of my home videos, and I don’t bother with chapters, too much bother.

I’ve never tried a webcam (never had one), so no idea if Kino still works with those.

I discovered ffDiaporama last year. It can do anything ffmpeg can do, in a nice simple user interface.

Put it on spideroak/onedrive/dropbox/google drive/…whatever and post the link :slight_smile: