Video Driver for ATI ES1000 (Rage 6)

Like to know if there is a video driver available for a Dell motherboard (R200) on board video chip ATI ES1000 (Rage 6). Installed Leap 15.2 today and it defaulted to a 1280X720 pixel. Vendor data says the chip is capable of much higher resolutions, Any direction would be appreciated.

Compile them by yourself: - section “Deprecated Systems and Drivers”.

IMHO it is much better and easier to install v/c with ATI Terascale die that costs about $10.

Please provide input & output from

inxi -Ga

Rage 6 sounds like a pre-Radeon device, something that might require the ancient driver from xf86-video-r128 rpm be used, which I would not expect to support as much as 1280x720.