Video conversion tool required please...

Hi all,

I need some urgent suggestions for a linux video conversion tool…

I have an mp4 video that needs to be recoded as mp4 (odd, I know) so that it’ll play on my Sony walkman (728).

I’m using opensuse v11.1.

I’ve tried qconverter from the repositories, but it goes so far into the process then stops claiming a ‘mencoder failure’, whatever that is. There wasn’t anything else there that looked encouraging. >:)

Unfortunately, the native Sony software (which I have to run on XP) wasn’t any help at all. Don’t get me started on that either! Other Windows vendors seem to want mega bucks to do what seems such a simple operation.

I’m guessing my mp4 needs to have a resolution downgrade (to 320*240) in order to play?

Looks like all mp4’s are not created equal afterall?

Any help would be much appreciated…

avidemux from Packman should do the job

I used MediaCoder on my windows side for recoding files so they’d play on my ps3 and my phone.

It still works in linux under wine, and it’s a pretty powerful tool. You can get the latest stable version here (Full Pack Installer)

In order to use the extensions you’ll need windows firefox
Firefox web browser | International versions: Get Firefox in your language
click your continent then click the windows icon so you download the windows version.

All you need to do for .mp4 is open the file in mediacoder then select Extensions>Digital Media Players>Mp3/Mp4 players](

It will ask you to revert settings, click yes.

Then you can choose the quality (High, Normal, Compact), the picture resolution and frame rate, and the format, which is .mp4.](

You then click start and it will convert the file for you! The file is in the original folder of the file to be converted. You can also choose where you want it to be converted by specifying the output folder.

Hope this helps!

Edit: When Mediacoder starts up, it’s minimized in the system tray.

You might have a look at Handbrake. It is the most powerful but still easy to use conversion tool with GUI I know. Avidemux often ends with an error for me especially handling mkv files.
There is not yet an opensuse port for Handbrake but using the mythdora rpm package works fine for me (opensuse11.1 32bit). Look here Handbrake - openSUSE for more information (package download links at the bottom). The automatic solving of package dependencies doesn’t work when you import it to the software installer, but instead you get an error message giving you information which packages need to be installed, that’s all.

outside of using the comand line in mencoder the best option - as rpeviously mentioned would be Avidemux.
Fast, reliable and easy to use.

The type of encode that you describe avidemux will do very easily.
Avidemux even has a preset for ipod mp4 - but not sure if that will be the same for the Walkman or not.