Video conferencing and collaboration for a small Linux based business that just works ?

Dear community, what would be your approach?

Problem: small (1 person) business using exclusively openSUSE Linux, with most customers and collaborators based on Windows and using either MS Teams (a few) or the more archaic Skype for Business (most of them, mostly government offices).

Desired solution: a video conferencing and communication platform that is reasonably priced, that I can use in Linux, and with which I can arrange spotless, painless video meetings that will just work with any customer based on any operating system.

As many of you probably have experienced it is largely not possible to participate from Linux in a meeting created in Skype for Business, which most of my collaborators and customers use. Yes, it may be or was at some time possible using Pidgin, but there lots of trouble. I tried. So no.

One collaborator of mine uses Skype, the classical application, on Windows. It just works fine. Old and probably obsolete, yes, but works fine. But alas so few people in my circles use it!

Until now the solution I use is the free version of MS Teams. Upon agreeing on a meeting I would create a meeting in Teams and then send an invitation to my colleagues or customers via email. This would work fine, it is only a minor inconvenience for many of my customers but it works and is often just good. The problem is that MS Teams is not perfect, and less so for Linux, and every now and then there are serious problems. So I am looking for a change.

Zoom is not an option, as it is frowned upon by government offices in my country for security reasons.

What else is out there and would be a reasonable solution? Slack? Google Meet? I do not mind paying a service, on the contrary. I would gladly pay for one that works just fine and suits my needs.

I often wish open protocols where more widely available and accepted so to be able to communicate, present slideshows, code, text, image etc and hear each other independently of platform.

Thanks for ideas here!:slight_smile:

There are openSUSE Teams that use jitsi

That looks very interesting. I will have a look, thanks!

I am not sure vizetto is a fit for Linux, but I use it for several months now, and it’s incredibly handy and fast.
If you don’t need some special features like the possibility to share information visually, markup and ink notes directly into their native files, etc., why not use Zoom?
As I know, Zoom is compatible with Linux, and it is quite good as well.

Yes, vizetto is indeed incredibly practical and quick. But you can use Zoom and Google Meet as well. These platforms have fewer features, but they work just nicely if all you need is to arrange online meetings.
I just need more advanced features, so that’s why I choose to use
Mostly, I like that it allows you to jump around in presentations easily.
Also, they have a quite friendly support team. Whenever I have some questions or need help, they are always willing to help me.
Vizetto’s Reactive support is wonderful!