Vey Bad Gwenview Konqueror image error with screenshot

Hi all

I have an error and i can describe it perfectly. It happens when i click “open in new tab” on a picture/image.

The thing is it keeps getting worse everyday, by this i mean, it used to only happen when ive been browsing for a long time, but now it happens very frequently.

I get that every time. I then click that “Ok”, and the image shows up in konqueror.

I’m not sure, but I think I remember that happening, at least some of the time, with 13.2

Neil, are you getting this on TW as well? I tried, using the URL from the pic, to open any picture in a new tab, which works flawlessly here, no error displayed or such. Could it be that some of the KDE apps are from the KDE4 version where they already should be Plasma5 ?

I haven’t been using konqueror on TW. I’ll give that a try in a little while.