Very slow shutdown

I am using Leap 42.2 . When I shudown the computer it takes several minutes. First I right-click press leave then I press the shutdown button wait for about 40 seconds the screen goes black then the screen reappears again for another 40 seconds, then it goes to runlevel 3 after that it shuts down .

I am not sure what information I can provide to help
Thank you

42.2 is, as I’m sure you know, very much end of life :slight_smile:

Perhaps consider updating?

The following may help in your efforts to debug the slow shutdown…

Check /var/log/ for bloated files. Logrotate might not be running automatically. On an older installation, some log files can become massive, and take a long time to update activity. If I’m right, do

logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf