Very high power consumption with firefox vaapi (amd gpu)

Hi there,

I have recently reinstalled tumbleweed on my laptop (asus g14 2022 w/ amd gpu) after running into an issue where, after a couple of weeks ago, an update made my power consumption while watching 1080p youtube videos on firefox skyrocket from 9-10W in powertop to 15-20W. Power consumption while doing other tasks like web browsing is unaffected, and vaapi video playback in mpv is also fine and the power consumption remains low as it was before.

I reinstalled opensuse tw hoping it would help me fix the issue, but unfortunately, it didn’t. I have the asus-linux utilities installed from the asus-linux website which are recommended for this laptop and can confirm the dGPU is disabled while doing my tests. I have no idea why this issue is occurring and was hoping for some help. I will provide any outputs/updates necessary to help resolve this.

I have opi codecs installed and have tried enabling media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled and media.hardware-video-decoding.force-enabled in firefox, which don’t seem to help.

Vainfo outputs this and firefox outputs that it is using vaapi while running (the last few lines repeat over and over again). All my packages are up to date (been using zypper dup) and I am out of ideas for how to solve this. I’ve also run into this issue on fedora too. I’ve tried the firefox flatpak and run into the same issue there.

Here is the output of the relevant part of firefox’s about:support with driver info and error codes.

Please help!

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Far from an easy debug I think.

Not my expertise area but I see you are using Wayland, do you see the same problem using X11?

I found the reason I was having issues, which is completely unrelated to firefox and vaapi. I enabled amd_pstate=active kernel parameter and set the hint to balance_power, now I get the power consumption I was looking for and vaapi appears to be working out of the box too. Sorry for the trouble everyone.


No need to apologize. Sometimes one needs to talk to others to get one’s thoughts in line again.

Nice you found it.