version-release numbering for DEB packages

I understand the release tag numbering in spec files (for ‘rpm’ packages):
Release: <CI_CNT>.<B_CNT>

However, I am unable to determine how to perform the same “release” numbering in ‘deb’ packages

A simple test in home:srae:tools ( shows:

  • the ‘rpm’ <CI_CNT> incrementing, but
  • the ‘deb’ stays the same
    -– actually, it seems to uses the <version>-<release> as specified
    on the first line of the ‘debian/changelog’ file (in debian.tar.gz)

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you’ll find your answer here… there are several links on the same page, that may provide the answer you’re looking for.
openSUSE:Build Service Debian builds - openSUSE

Note on packageName

RPM packages names do not have a strict syntax like the debian ones. So watch out before uploading your archives !

Package names (both source and binary, see Package, Section 5.6.7) must consist only of lower case letters (a-z), digits (0-9), plus (+) and minus (-) signs, and periods (.). They must be at least two characters long and must start with an alphanumeric character. 

More informations at Debian Policy Manual - Control files and their fields