vendor change necessity

when i should to do a vendor change? is it safe to do so? are obs packages safe to install? it’s like aur in arch?

Vendor change is a mistake – except when it isn’t a mistake.

Yes, that isn’t very helpful.

Let’s try this way: an unintended vendor change is probably a mistake.

Many packages depend on other packages (such as libraries). If you want to change vendor for one package, you might need to also change for other related packages.

Treat it as a warning to tread carefully.

IMO a good rule of thumb is to just let the system manage your vendor stickiness unless you have special reason to over-ride (eg you absolutely need that particular version for a specific use).

The openSUSE Maintainers will build that logic into your updates so that although some packages may be available but not yet ready for a full distribution are left only as optional. I generally trust the Maintainers to decide what I typically need and don’t usually run into any issues.


so is a reverse possible? can i get things back?

Yep. By removing such a repo, then run ‘zypper dup’.

thanks for replies.

Do you think you may need a vendor-change for some packages?

I’ve found It necessary to change the VLC vendor to Packman-Essentials in order to view TV content here using Firefox, and that involves changing quite a few (~25?) other packages on which VLC is dependent.

Yes, many openSUSE users switch packages to packman.