vcd/dvd players and repos for opensuse-10.3

Are any repos available now for installing players like
mplayer and smplayer under openSUSE-10.3?


Yes, it’s called Packman :wink:

Additional package repositories - openSUSE

And you really shouldn’t be running 10.3 anymore. It’s end of life and no updates will be provided. If you can’t find i packman what you’re looking for, better compile both mplayer & smplayer yourself (not that difficult)

Unfortunately, Packman has deleted suse/10.3/ by the end of 2009.
My unavoidable constraint of remaining with 10.3 is that
ies4linux from with jre-plugin is NOT working
in opensuse-11.2 and my bank allows netbanking only with
IE-browser. This forced me to revert back to 10.3 even after
installing 11.2
I found that other forum members are also facing difficulty
with ies4linux in 11.2
Any suggestion ?

PS. Maybe I’ll again try debian-5.0.3 in which I found
no difficulty with ies4linux, though it had other
not unsurmountable difficulties with plugin to

Do you have a copy of Windows? If so, why not just install a virtual machine (Vbox, VMware, etc) of Windows and do your banking through there using IE? That way, you can easily upgrade to a new openSUSE version

Actually that is also my ineptitude. Some time during my
meandering through debian-sarge, SLED-10, opensuse-10.2,
debian-4.0.x, opensuse-10.3, debian-5.0.3, opensuse-11.2,
I have obliterated the Windows XP Home Edition installed
with my Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop. I tried to reinstall
it with the supplied Re-installation CD, but the computer
seems to be hanging while reading the .dll files.

My request to the opensuse-11.2 administrators is to solve
the ies4linux with jre-plugin problem.