VC++ equivalent GUI developing tool in Linux

Hi all,
I am new to Linux. I am VC++ user in Windows, I would like to move to linux. I would like to know in linux which is the GUI development tool equivalent to VC++ in windows in terms of GUI features?

Srinivasa Reddy J

Well, I don’t know what features VC++ actually has or which features you need but for C++ development you can use multiplatform IDEs like NetBeans or Eclipse (they are Java based so they work also in Windows). If you want to develop KDE ot Qt applications specifically you can try KDevelop (that’s a native Linux application).

I personally use NetBeans for Ruby on Rails projects, and I have tried it with a small C++ Yast module and it worked fine for me.

So I suggest trying all of them and select the one which fits your needs best.

Eclipse CDT is the best.


first of all allow me to welcome you to Linux ,

Linux is definitely the programmers heaven ,and every thing you learn on Linux will prove useful on Windows ,MAC or any other platform.

but since you’re a new to Linux I’d recommend before thinking about using an IDE i’ll ,spend some time using some of the most basic development tools out there

automated building tools (MAKE)
version control System (GIT)
symbolic debugger (GDB) and (Red hate Insight a good GDB UI)
of course Gnu C Compiler (You will just learn a lot)

you will find all this , Accessible for open…
just use your package manager (its called Zypper) and download the necessary packagers from your configured software online repository’s

just do as a super user

zypper install -t pattern devel_basis

Where devel_basi is the name of the Base Development pattern (a pattern is just a a group of packages dedicated to certain aim. For example a devel_basis have the c compiler and debugger headers docs the make utility etc …)

when you’re done do the same to install the C/C++ Development pattern (you can get all available pattern using option search -t pattern) look for the name of the pattern it should be devel_C_C++…

zypper install -t pattern devel_C_C++

and you’re done for beginning

any way i hope i got you started and KEEP UP THE STRUGGLING…

Netbeans with C++ plugin or eclipse with CDT.


I’ve made good experiences with the latest version of Kdevelop. It has a good syntax highlighting and syntax completion. Of the aspects of GUI programming it supports Qt and the KDE Library counterparts. Of course the syntax completion is also supported when using other GUI Toolkits.

Another good editor is QtCreator which also has a good support for the Qt Toolkit but I personally prefer Kdevelop.

Hope this helps