Various Multimedia Issues

I have an unusual laptop, I think it is an Asus, but it came from a different company than your standard Dell or HP.
I can always provide more data about the hardware if I need to.

  1. The speaker works in the laptop, but when I install headphones, the headphones do not work at all … I don’t hear anything from them, so I am constantly checking to see if an update corrects the problem, or if I need to adjust the volume for headphones.

  2. The camera USED TO work, but after an update, now none of my software thinks I have a web-cam. The web-cam is built in, used to work, but now it does not. I’d like to get that working again.

  3. Skype used to work, but now it doesn’t. I like to think that updates are solving problems and not creating more issues than they solve.

I’ve spent days and hours and weeks trying to find out how to make stuff work in linux, and it’s always a ****ed chore … you’d think this would be sooooooooooo much easier by now.

for required updates the terminal command: sudo zypper up
to install any recommended updates command: sudo zypper inr
To check before you commit add –dry-run to the end: ****sudo zypper inr –dry-run

For Warning messages try this command: journalctl --since=‘2015-12-03 05:00’ | grep Warning

For all warning messages try this command: journalctl --since=‘2015-12-03 05:00’ | grep -i warning

For specific Skype activity try this command: journalctl --since=‘2015-12-03 05:00’ | grep -i skype
(BTW: to keep search shorter, use date+time for your last restart)

Try with skype changed to audio

To assist search in journal you may need specific hardware information
for this try command : hwinfo --help

or list components by Model use the command: hwinfo --all | grep Model

or list components with term ‘hardware class’ use the command: **hwinfo --all | grep -i ‘hardware class’

for specific details on cpu use the command : **hwinfo --cpu **

for specific details on sound devices use the command: hwinfo --sound


paulparker@linux-7769:~> **hwinfo --all | grep -i logitech**
  Model: "Logitech Portable Webcam C905"
  Vendor: usb 0x046d "Logitech, Inc."