Variety wallpaper changer, some few suggestions

I just tried installing Variety while in Enlightenment DE. In the end it seemingly works as one would expect, but I’d add some few observations:

–Perhaps the fact that Variety needs at least “Dbus extension” system module (cannot remember the exact name) enabled should be mentioned/documented somewhere; probably somewhere here in the forums, a sort of warning when starting Variety for first time, etc…
Though I’m not sure whether it’s a global requisite or just Enlightenment-only…

–The “start at boot” -or somewhat- checkbox doesn’t work; if one logs out then in again one must always manually start Variety.

–At least for my particular case having “online image repositories” (imgur, deviantart, etc…) enabled by default is not a good idea. Heck, Variety starts downloading since the very moment it’s first started, without even waiting to reach the configuration window! I’m not exactly against the feature itself, but it’d be better to ship all disabled by default, just like KDE’s app IIRC.


Hope mr malcolmlewis can read this someday.

On Fri 11 Aug 2017 08:36:01 PM CDT, F style wrote:

Hope mr malcolmlewis can read this someday.

I did, haven’t touched the package in many years as someone else
offered to take maintainership (see changelog)… Suggest you look at
raising a bug report.

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Sorry, I don’t know how to do such thing or similar, since I’ve never ever done it. I always felt like “at risk”…
Which is why probably this other different issue has not being touched neither.

A guide on submitting openSUSE bug reports…

Or upstream…

I’m a maintainer (of both variety and enlightenment) :slight_smile: Just not one who’s active on the forums.

  1. The dbus module is mentioned on the variety readme page, I think in the “openSUSE” Enlightenment profiles should enable the dbus module by default from memory.

  2. I’m not sure what the launch at startup checkbox does internally, but in enlightenment i’ve always just added variety to enlightenment’s list of startup apps and that will work.

  3. Given it only downloads 1 image every 10 minutes and you get the list of sources on first run i’m ok with how it starts, I got them to disable all the sources that may contain NSFW images though. The Author wrote a blog several months back about changes he was planning which will likely make it a redundant issue, however that blog post has gone offline.