Using TFTP client


I need to use tftp to upload a firmware on my router, I know pretty well linux ubuntu distros but on openSuse, not sure. I installed tftp client server (atftp and yast2-tftp-server)
Usualy on ubuntu the folder where to add my firmware was in */srv/tftp/ *and the configuration here */etc/default/tftpd-hpa .

*Idea how to set up that?

You loaded a YaST module. Does that not help you to configure? In which case it is rather uninteresting what the config file are.

It is unclear what you are asking. Subject of this thread is “Using TFTP client”, but then you talk about “tftp server” and “yast2-tftp-server”. Is your question about client or server on openSUSE? More details about what your want to do would be helpful.

sorry, it is about tftp client, I have the R7800 router and using openwrt, I need client tftp

Then I do not understand how /srv/tftp (or /srv/tftpboot on openSUSE) are relevant. To use TFTP client after installing atftp package you use atftp command. You can read on command options in manual page (man atftp).

You can use also ssh and scp on openwrt.

not to load firmware for recovery

Why would the setup be different when on a different operating system?

I’m assuming it’s this router and procedure?

In YaST it should show where you need to put your files, start the tftp damon/client with systemctl?

Have you configured the system with correct ip address etc as per the procedure?

I think this is still confusing. When your router wants to get some firmware from an sftp server, you need to configure an sftp server. And not a client. If that is the case, why do you install sftpclient on openSUSE, or even mention it?

Now please,what do you want to have on your TUMBLWEED oenSUSE system: SFTP server or client?

Huh?!? Which daemon? According to this link you need to use tftp CLIENT to UPLOAD image to device (presumably, internal TFTP server). It absolutely does not matter where you put your file on client side (as long as user running TFTP client has access to it) nor is any TFTP daemon necessary for it.

Only if the router needs to pull the firmware would that be needed, else as you say as long as the can see each other the the client will do the job…

exactly, your’re right, for the r7800.

also, I have the tp link c2600, and the procedure is different, I used tftp -ha on linux. On windows, it is tftpd32 as server.