Using exchange in tumbleweed without ews

Hello All,
am new to opensues ,my exchange mail related to my company run fine in exchange in windows
i get tired trying to run it on opensuse but no response as my exchange server do not run on ews
is there any way to run it on linux

I’m not sure, but I have the impression that “evolution” works with exchange servers. And “evolution” should be in the openSUSE repos. It is part of Gnome, but you can probably use it with other desktops.

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Which desktop are you using?

And just to be clear … you DO NOT want to use a browser for the mail /calendar/etc interface (?)

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I think that Evolution still relies on using Exchange Web Services support (evolution-ews).

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If your company does not have EWS enabled, but they do have OWA (Outlook Web Access), then Evolution with Owl may provide an option for email access.

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i use tumbleweed KDE/Plasma

more clearly what is owl

and i can not access mail from browser as its not enabled in my exchange server

Ok, so OWA is disabled on the company Exchange server? You should liaise with them about other email connectivity options. Perhaps they allow IMAP access?