User with uid above 500 not displayed even configured for sddm in leap 15.0


Try to configure sddm so users with uid above 500 are displayed instead above 1000.
I have tried to configure in file
the following configuration, but sddm does not display a users list.
Any idea?

# Default $PATH for logged in users

# Comma-separated list of shells.
# Users with these shells as their default won't be listed

# Comma-separated list of users that should not be listed

# Maximum user id for displayed users

# Minimum user id for displayed users

# Remember the session of the last successfully logged in user

# Remember the last successfully logged in user

Works fine here with just the following in /etc/sddm.conf:



(you can leave out the Theme section of course)

But, make sure you don’t have any files in /etc/sddm.conf.d/ or /usr/lib/sddm/sddm.conf.d/ that might set a different MinimumUid.


You should not modify this file, it is supplied by the distribution to set some defaults and will be overwritten when installing updates.
Also, it will be overridden by the files in /etc/ anyway.

PS: Are you sure you are actually using SDDM?

This is no longer set in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager but rather update-alternatives now, and the old setting is not migrated.
If you have more than one DM installed, another one may have been chosen automatically.

/usr/sbin/update-alternatives --query default-displaymanager

A bit off topic. But should


switch that list off?
As far as I have understood there is no single configuration value to switch the list off, or am i wrong here?

It will make sddm show no users at all at least (unless you have a user with the id 65000, of course).

Whether a (possibly empty) list is shown or not depends on the theme.

The breeze(-openSUSE) theme switches to a username input field automatically in case there are no users to display (or there are too many), but the more simple ones just display one or the other in any case.

As far as I have understood there is no single configuration value to switch the list off, or am i wrong here?

There is:

              When enabled, home directories are searched  for  ".face.icon"
              images  to  display as their avatars. This can be slow on some
              file systems.  When disabled, all  avatars  will  be  default.
              Themes  may  choose to hide them altogether.  Default value is

And there’s DisableAvatarsThreshold (not listed in the man page for some reason) to set the maximum number of users, if there are more, Avatars are disabled.

In the end it’s the theme’s responsibility though, whether it shows a user list, a user name text input field, or how it reacts to that option.
Choosing another theme (that always shows a text input field) is a way to disable the user list as well.

That looks all very much like side effects of other settings.

There is no simple “switch off that list” like in the System Settings > System Administration > Login Screen in earlier KDE. It had a Users tab where there is indeed the lowest and highest numbers and some checkboxes Show List, …
Simple feature. Lost forever?

Likely because sddm itself doesn’t care how the login screen looks like.
It’s all done by the theme.

“EnableAvatars” is in fact the intended “simple” option to turn off the user list, if the theme supports it.

As you already pointed out, this is off-topic here though (and actually not “a bit” but totally :wink: ).

If you prefer kdm for whatever reason, you can still use it.

Yes I use sddm.

Now it works.
I’m using only /etc/ssdm.conf …
There were more than 7 users in my range and for that reason avatars were not displayed!

BTW: There is a difference between avatars installed in
If installed in home directory avatar is also displayed at logout and in the application launchers menu
apart from sddm login screen*.
*If installed in global place, it will not be displayed…

Any idea if this is a bug or feature?

Yes, Plasma does not read files from /usr/share/sddm/.
In fact it doesn’t even know or care what displaymanager/login screen you use.

~/.face.icon is the standard place for a user avatar since decades.

There’s also accountsservice since some time that would store it in /var/lib/AccountsService/.
I think Plasma does support this, and if you use the user manager in systemsettings5 to set your avatar, it should add it to accountsservice as well IIRC.

Other displaymanagers do use that, gdm at least, and also lightdm IIANM. According to sddm’s changelog, the latest version (0.17.0) seems to support it as well:

* Thu Dec 14 2017
- Update to 0.17.0:
  + Make greeter see icons set by AccountsServices.